środa, 25 kwietnia 2012

Battle of the Nations

This year's World Championship on the Historical Medieval Battle, "Battle of the Nations", will be held in Warsaw, an old European capital, a place with a rich and unique history, from April 30 to May 2. The national teams of 12 countries of Europe, America and Asia, as well as representatives of 4 European countries and Australia will compete to get victory in the categories "Duel", "5 vs5" and "21vs 21". You will see full contact medieval historical battles with the participation of the best fighters of the world. They will be accompanied with live authentic and expressive music. You’ll be charmed by ethno motifs and the sounds of bagpipes with addition of original rock motifs. In the evenings you will see unforgettable fire-shows with staged sword fights, acrobatic stunts and a lot of fireworks. The interest of the public will be stirred up by the best European folk-rock and gothic rock bands. In the daytime you will be able to listen to the acoustic instrumental bands, visit beautiful theater performances, see knives juggling. You and your children will be entertained by acrobats, skomorokhs, jugglers, medieval gypsies and magicians. You will also have a unique opportunity to walk through a medieval camp, where participants will live, and where you will find an authentic culture, embodied even in small things.
"Battle of the Nations” will be broadcasted on the Internet. Spend this year’s May holidays together with the project "Battle of the Nations" and get unforgettable impressions!
For more info visit: www.bnfest.pl